Frequently Asked Questions



We all have questions. I hope these answer some of them.

Q: Sega "Collectors" Page? Are you smokin' crack?

A: First, Go away, we don't want your Nintendo ass around here. Second, SMS stuff is so hard to find, it's hard not to call it collectible.


Q: My god! This web page looks like a big Sega Master System and Carts!

A: I was hoping someone would notice that :)


Q: You selling' any of your stuff?

A: Not now! If I ever do, I will post it. For now, my goal is to get every SMS title and peripheral that existed (US for now) mint in box.


Q: Why the love for the SMS?

A: When the SMS first came out, a local movie store rented titles for it. They had a choplifter demo playing on the counter. I picked up the controller and was hooked. I then got the SMS for Christmas, and played it non stop for years.


Q: I want to steal some pictures from your site. Can I?

A: Yes and no. If you steal pix for your Sega page and don't ask, you'll be on my shitlist! If you ask, I'm pretty likely to say yes, depending on what you're using it for.


Q: I've got some cool SMS stuff that you don't have, and I want to show it off! Will you help?

A: YES! I want all of the feedback and pix of anything SMS related, so we'll end up with a huge collection of fucked-up Sega stuff :)


Q: You swear some times, will you stop? My mommy doesn't like it.

A: Fuck off.