SMS Hardware


As has been said many MANY times before, the SMS is technically superior to its rival, the NES. Here's a REAL quick run down of the specs (taken from the SMS FAQ and updated with more details by Zoop).


Bits (CPU): 8 Bits (Gx): 8 CPU: Z80
MHz: 3.58 Graphics: 256 x 192 Colors: 32 + 32
Sprites: 64 Sprite size: 8x8 or 8x16 Audio: 3 music + 1 noise

The original US Power Base
sms_base.jpg (7954 bytes)

sms_metal_thing.jpg (11972 bytes)

sms_sys_board.jpg (17368 bytes)


The Sega Master System II (1989-1990?)
sms_ii_1.jpg (10584 bytes)

sms_ii_2.jpg (8975 bytes)


The Segascope 3D System Box front/back
segascope_box_front.jpg (21938 bytes)

segascope_box_back.jpg (19779 bytes)

Sega Master System II in box. Sorry, I lost the email of
who sent it to me, so please let me know who you were!