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Comments: Wonderful receiving your reply to my Danville Digs article. I mentioned as many names of the neighbors I remembbered hoping I would find someone.!!!! Thank you so much.<br /> I was only three years old when we moved from that little two room cottage on Macon. However, the memory of our neighboes there are so vivid in my mind. I have tried to find out about your aunts but have had no luck. Gertrude was the baby girl, then Glorious. I understand changed her name to Leigh when she became a model. Glorious is just a few years older than I, but my mother had her watch after me when I went out to play. Novalene was the oldest faughter. I do remember Thommy, but he was not as vivid in my mind as the girls. Your grand mother and my mother were best friends. I would sit on the porch and listen to them "gossip" for hours. <br /> When I first wrote the article I checked daily for a reply. Never got one. You can imagine my delight with the news from you.<br /> Locking forward to hearing from you again.<br /> omonuaspelltempie@GMAIL.COM

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