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Space Harrier 3-D

Comments: jeremy (more) Comments: Why are there those 2 strips of ground off to the sides in this and Space Harrier that aren't checkered, but just striped? C'mon, Sega, nobody likes a corner-cutter. Jeremy, it isnt good to playerhate, when the gay cockrubbing dolphinsalad eating clownatrons at NINHOMOSEXUALDO decided to release a game called jumpman or some shit, it looked like harrier, but you couldnt fly only jump over shit. Now let me tell you that game sucked, the cheese out of a bagel, and the good eye of the one eyed monster. That game was an example of how SEGA owned Nintendo'sbooty rights in the tight looking game department. Now the cockhumping cumaholic hoes at GINEN-ENDO were busy humping their pet poison lilly frogs, when Sega decided to show its allegiance to cannabis consumption from this game. I got so high I started having nightmares where I was in an orange box, and the dragon at the first level of this game would try to attack me. Anyone ever fall asleep on acid? Its not pretty. But yea, Im high and stoned and lit and bored. So whats your sign? You cockmuncher