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Alex Kidd in Miracle World

From: Aines Kojak
Comments: Alex Kidd is the greatest Game i've ever played on Sega Master System II. I was very astonished when I explored the world wide net an got to this lucky site because I've never thought that there were so much Alex Kidd sites and convinced fans. But you can admit: The games at the late 80's and early 90's were very difficult to play. Nowadays there's not so much Difficulty and no doubt at the Games. You can save wherever you like and reload it again. But today there are other problems, too. For example graphic settings and others you know. So keep up and take care of this great-game-site I also want to greet all Another World-,Quackshot-, Jim Earthworm-, Ecco-, The longest journey-, Quake-, Half life-, Unreal-Fans and all Fans of the music groups a-ha, creed, metallica and others Thanx Aines Kojak :) Here are 10 Alex Kidd's for you