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Speedball 2

From: Boss Hog.
Comments: Comparisons to the amiga version aside, the Bitmap brothers return with this sophomore installment of sporting violence. The underlying rollerball theme, the slave like purchase of players who are willingly torn apart in the ensueing violence and the futurist metallic sheen all add to the atmosphere of space age fetish and technophobe ignorance. One must consider the multiple points of scoring in the pitch which if memory serves me correctly remain intact from the original amiga version. Surely these scoring 'erogenous zones' reflect the vulnerability of the players flesh in the hard industrialist age in which each match must ultimatley reach its conclusion. One must query whether the Bitmap brothers intended the commercial success of the original gladiatorial ironic sports pastiche with its in-jokes and futurist cliches and that of the sequal which threatens to even crush itself under the weight of its uninitiated chique.