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Alex Kidd in Miracle World

From: Clint Dyer
Comments: Continue Feature: When the words "Game Over" appear on the screen, press and hold the Directional Pad UP and press BUTTON TWO eight times. This will enable you to continue, but only if you have $400 or more. Bonus Round: When you get to the first Octopus, punch out the tentacles or buy the TALCUM POWDER and become invincible and punch him in the face two times. Then, put Alex's stomach on the chest and move left and right while holding DOWN on the Directional Pad, until you go underground to a BONUS ROUND. First Stone Head: Rock, then scissors. Scissors Head: Scissors, then paper. Paper Head: Rock, then paper. The Ox: Punch the Ox six times. Mt. Kave: The pink boxes will not break, just punch them and move on. To get the TELEPATHY BALL, you must fall down the hole and keep the Directional Pad pressed to the right and the passageway will open up. Blackwoods: Buy the CANE OF FLIGHT at the shop. Use it in the middle of the woods. It is best to take your time over the spikes. Grizzly Bear: Buy the "A" capsule and Alex's friends will beat him. You can also use the BRACELET. After the forest you should buy the PETICOPTER and beware of the lightning. The "B" capsule will help you if you should lose the peticopter. Bingoolowland: The Radactian Castle When first entering the castle, run past the spikes, jump over the pink box and climb up the ladder to your right. You will enter a room with a fireball and a bat. Climb to the top left of the screen and make your way up to the next room. You are now in a room with a frog and spikes on the ground. Punch the frog and make your way to the right. You will then be in a room where the floor is empty, and a bat is present. Keep going to the right to get a FREE ALEX. You should then go back to the room where there is no bottom. Fall to the second level of that room, next to the two spikes and the bat, then go right. You will then be in a room with two bats and four money bags. Punch the grey blocks and take the ladder going down. You will then enter a room with two pink boxes. Punch the grey blocks located on your right and continue right. You will then enter a room with sixteen more grey blocks. Punch the bottom bricks and climb down the ladder on the right. You will now find Alex's brother Egle. Punch the pink boxes to set him free. Go back down the ladder and go back two rooms to the left, continue down the ladder. You will now enter a room with three fireballs. Jump over them and make your way to the left where you will enter a room with three fireballs and six ladders. Take the top ladder on the right to get the PERSONAL LETTER. Get the letter and go back down to the room with the ladders. Then go down to the bottom ladder on the left and take that all the way down. There will be a room with a scorpion. Punch the scorpion and make your way to the right. Run past the falling spikes and continue right. Punch the grey blocks and enter the next room. Watch out for the fireballs, wait until they are across the room, then make your way to the left ladder, and your out. Second Stone Head: Paper, then scissors. Punch his head three times. Second Scissors Head: Rock, then rock. Punch his head three times. Second Paper Head: Rock, then scissors. When his head flies off, go to the left side of the screen and punch. Magic Castle: When on the draw bridge, get the two stars. Jump down and go all the way down to the right. Go down the first ladder, jump over the flame, then go left and punch the gold boxes. You can use the bracelet at this point. Keep going left and jump between the open bricks and try to get the star and the money. Move to the right and take out all the gold bricks. Pass the next ladder you see. Enter the room with several gold boxes and two star boxes. Get the money in the boxes and take the ladder going down. Go along the top of the room, making your way down to the right into the gas chamber. Pass the spikes, moving right to the frog room. Take the frog out, keep going to the right into the room with two question boxes, a scorpion and a flame. Take the ladder located in the top right of this room and you will enter an U shaped room. Break the gold boxes, this will enable you to make you way up. When you are at the top, go left. On the other side of the room is a room with two question boxes and spikes hanging in mid- air. Do not attempt to break the boxes, just jump past the spikes and the question boxes while moving left. The next room has bricks, plants and water. Take the ladder on the left side of the room and go up. At the top of the ladder go left to a room with only one star box (this box contains a FREE ALEX). Take the ladder all the way up and go left. You will enter a room with four ladders, three flames and a question box. Take the ladder at the top left of the room. You will enter another gas room with a pink fish box on the left side. Punch it quickly two or three times and run to the right side of the room. Go up the ladder and you will enter a room with three frogs. Take them out and exit at the top right portion of the room. The next room contains spikes hanging from the ceiling. Cross over the bottom of the room and jump over the section of floor that opens when you walk on it. Punch the gold box at the end of the room and drop down to another room. This room contains one fish box and two spikes. Punch the fish box twice, take out the scorpion and head towards the right. This room has a question package, but watch out because the floor drops out. Use the CANE OF FLIGHT to float to the top of the room and take the ladder in the top right of the screen. You will enter a room with scorpions, a frog and a pink fish box. Punch the fish box five times and go to the right, into the next room. In this room, there will be a frog and moving flames. Use your question package and jump past the frog. Go down the ladder that is second closest to the wall on the right hand side. Jump down, watching out for scorpions and flames and go right. Janken The Great: Watch out, he cheats! Use paper then paper and punch him in the forehead twice. Once you have defeated him, there will be a present at his feet. Take the present and exit the top left of the screen. Cragg Lake: You must run over the floor in the following sequence: SUN-WAVES-MOON- STAR-SUN-MOON- WAVES-FISH-STAR-FISH. After completing the sequence, a crown will appear on the ledge. Grab the crown and read the message. -- Written by Clint Dyer, for Sega of America