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Enduro Racer

From: Neil
Comments: I was always something of a trouble maker growing up and it fell to my mother, being the "single parent" in our cozy little single parent household, to discipline me. She actually took to it with relish, I guess, because she spanked my sister and I for damn near anything. Just spankings mind you, not beatings, and it wasn't as if I, in particular, didn't deserve most all of what I got. Puberty, however, began to present my mother with something of a quandary. Whenever I got in trouble, she would call me over to where she was and pull down my pants and underwear and spank my ass until she felt I had learned my lesson. Throughout childhood, this arrangement had presented no problems, but as I grew from boy to man her strikes to my backside starting having an unconscious sexual reaction for me. In other words, I would get erections as she spanked me. This started when I was thirteen or fourteen and they weren't full-on boners, but they were noticeable to all present, nonetheless. At first my mother tried to ignore them and go on with the spanking, but usually by the end of my punishment my dick would be pointing straight out. That is, when it wasn't bouncing up and down with every slap of her hand. After a few weeks of this, she would have me hold onto it while she spanked me to keep it from flapping about. Predictably (to me at least) this did stop the flapping, but did nothing to actually stop me from getting aroused. Despite all this, she still liked to pretend it wasn't even happening or that it was no big deal. That changed, though, when I started to get erections before the spankings. She'd call me over for my disciplining, pull down my pants, and by the time her hands were back up to the waistband of my underwear I would have a raging hard-on. This situation, that I was getting aroused by the thought of her spanking me, seemed to set her off. She'd yank down my underwear and slap my penis with her hand over and over, sometimes five times, sometimes ten or more. Regardless, though, it had the opposite effect of what I believe she intended. Maybe some dicks don't like getting slapped, but mine did. With a harder-than-ever penis defiantly waving in her face, she grew more and more frustrated. One day she ended up grabbing it with her left hand while continuing to spank me with her right. She gripped it damn hard, painfully so, but as I bucked from the spanking it would cause my penis to slide back and forth ever so slightly within her hand. What happened next, however obvious to anyone reading this, surprised both of us. I ejaculated in her hand, into her hand, in fact, although most of the semen ended up falling to the floor. She screamed and yelled at me to get out, to go to my room. I did, oddly satisfied, and we never spoke of the incident again. It was my very last spanking, as a matter of fact. Not wanting a repeat performance, my mother must have decided to take her chances with groundings and other manners of disciplinary action. So kids, if your parents spank you and you've had enough, just have an orgasm during the spanking and that will probably be the end of it. Unless they're perverts, or something.

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