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Chuck Rock

From: Oedipus
Comments: One night I awoke to find myself lying in a small puddle. Thinking something was wrong with me, I ran to get my mother. She came in and looked the mess over for some time. I then feared she would be angry with me for wetting the bed as I did years before. I asked her if she was angry that I wet the bed. She smiled and let out a coy little laugh. She explained that it was not pee, it was called semen. She went on to say that this whole episode was just a part of growing up and that all boys went through it. This went a long way towards reassuring me and making me feel better. She then bent over and lapped up the semen like a cat drinking milk. This surprised me. She soon finished her treat and went back to bed, telling me as she left to let her know if the same thing happens again. She called it a "wet dream".