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Double Dragon

From: OldSchoolerAllT
Comments: I still have this game & my Master System 1. I remember playing this at a friend's house & it istantly became an obsession. I had to run out & buy it as soon as i could convince my parents to fork out the cash. I remember back then it was $79.95 AUS, ouch. This was probably my favourite SMS game ever. Now those of you who think that the NES version was better have rocks in your head. It was & is clearly the closest to the arcade version i've ever besides the Megadrive/Genesis version. The NES version had poor graphics, the typical limited dull & unusual NES colour palette, poor sound, the controls where shit, it played like dogshit & some of the scenes & levels where changed so it was a long way off from the arcade. The Commodore 64 version looked very close the arcade version for 8 bit, but it played like shit & the controls sucked. Never got to see the Amiga 500 version though. So i say SMS or Megadrive/Genesis versions all the way. If it wasn't for the flickering & the fact that it was so easy to finnish i would have given this game 9 Alexs. Get the rom & play it NOW.