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Ariel the Little Mermad

From: Steve Johnson
Comments: I'm not sure where to post this message, so I'll post it here. I just want to write about how much the Master System has meant to me over the years. Sure, I played it as a kid, we probably all did, but it means a great deal to me that I can still find a measure of comfort from these silly 8-bit games. I can't really thank Sega for it directly, so I thought this would be a nice place to tell of my appreciation for the Master System. Frankly, I see the Master System as a friend, a true friend. To be even more frank, the Master System was the only friend that was still there for me after my arrest, trial, and conviction on multiple charges of rape (statutory not forcible). Who was there when I got out of the joint? The Master System. Who was there after a got home from registering as a sex offender? The Master System. Who was there when my neighbors were picketing in front of my house? Was it my girlfriend of five years? No, that bitch split. Family? No. Friends? No, not them either. Who did then? You guessed it, the Master System. Who has always been there for me? Who's there when I get back from a long day of taking pictures at parks and playgrounds? Yup, SMS, baby. Sega Master System. Rain or shine, day or night, I know who I can trust. Thanks for being there Sega, for when I'm lonely or sad, or for when I'm coming down off a three day crystal meth bender and I need something to do for the times when I'm not tweaking or beating off to the Disney channel's daily jailbait jamborees. I guess that's all. Thanks to the creator of this site for giving us all a place to share our memories and thank heaven for the Master System. Oh yes, and thank heaven for little girls and the trusting way they always help me look for my lost puppy.