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Thunder Blade

From: The Shade
Comments: this game is not hard @ all...the top-down view levels are pretty easy, if u suck hard u can just remember the order of the planes playing it once or twice... the 3-d levels r a little bit more difficult but hey, it's a 1988 game, it has many tricks: in the refinery level, when choppers comes from all over, stay in the lower-left corner of the screen. bullet will come all over u, but u won't die. in the caves level, the 3 waves of planes coming after the 3 caves can be avoided staying in 3 different corners of the screen, i don't rememba the order, but that's it. try it (guess it was botton right - bottom left - bottom right again). u'll say "man, i'm gone" but bullets won't hit u. the only level that can REALLY make u suck hard is the one on the sea...there are some phases in which u have planes coming PLUS boats shooting at a ridicoulous rate. so you can't use you invincible corner, you have to keep moving or boats will kill u, and so yeah, there u need a little bit of luck. but for the rest, u just have 2 learn "invincible corners". and when loads of tanks unload their ammo on u, just move in circle...start from, say, the bottom left corner, then go up into the top left corner, then left...and u'll be safe, there's really nothing difficult (except when, as i said, u encounter tanks + airplanes) cause hits does not anticipate your movements, they just follow u, so u just have to avoid going back or stop moving. don't even think 'bout destroying some thanks or airplanes...evade and survive. u can memorize the order in which tanks appears and get'em (above all in the 1st 3d level) but it's really not necessary. p.s. mass of children...don't give a low rating to a game just cause u suck at it...above all when that game is an important part of videogame history.