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Double Dragon

From: Timothy Prescot
Comments: Hello all my fellow SMS fans!!!Before I say this I would like you all to understand something, and I would like you all to understand this very clearly!!THE MASTER SYSTEM WAS A FAR SUPERIOR MACHINE COMPARED TO THE NES!!!!The NES was great in certain aspects too, but could never EVER compare to the Master System!!Hell, you have to be a master to play it!!!However, having said that, I would like to point out that this game flickers too much!!The NES version of this game,in my opinion,is hands down the better version of this title!!It has more levels,easier controls,minimal flickering and better sound!!Now it does hurt that I had to say that, because goddamn I love the SMS sooooo much better than the NES....unfortunately it's the truth, and we all know this!!!I can understand you people ranking this game sooo high with soo many Alex's, but it's because we ALL want this game to be better on the SMS...but the truth is:it isn't!!!I still give it a 7!!!!!