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Alex Kidd in Miracle World

From: leolooser
Comments: hey, you old skool videogame lovers! Well, i have to tell you, this is the first time I go on this website since 2001, when I went under a different name... I had shared a couple of insults back and forth with the infamous wayne m. Wayne, if your'e still there, hows it going, buddy... Anyway, i got fired from 7 eleven this morning. my register was short about $45.00... I wish I had taken the fucken' money... now I gotta get another job... Burger king, here I come! So I was web surfing all afternoon, and I realized, instead of cream pies, why not check out the old sega website. nothing's changed, there's a bunch of twentysomething year old loosers who have nothing better to do than to reminisce about their childhood games... It's good to know I'm not alone! Thankxx for the morale support, assholes... Sega is the ultimate... I can't believe they dropped the ball with all their systems. Now they're reduced to making third party games for nintendo and sony...Who would have thought? I remember christmas 1986 when I opened the biggest present under the tree. Sega Master System! those are the fondest memories of my childhood... Alex kidd punching rocks and fucken gofers coming out to fuck him up! one time i got really far and I was so nervous that i told my friend usman to press pause... do you remember that the pause button was not on the control pad but on the system itself? my friend pressed reset by accident... once i stopped crying histerically, i fucked him up!!!! I miss those days, people... Well that's it from this looser with no friends except you melancholic fruits... Peace!