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Alex Kidd in Miracle World

From: maxxie
Comments: LOVE this game! does anyone remember the songs they used to subconciously make up to the music or was it just me that did that?! lol it was AMAZING lol it always started "alex the kidd! alex the kidd!" and then stuff like "face of a tiny child, fists of a very strong man" "falling through the sky into the water now" "jumpin around on some rocks, tryin to find a bit of cash" "punch that cheeky frogman in the face today" "smack that crazy eagle in the beak, then run away from the ghouly boy" "wouldn't touch that it's a ghost" "dont get bit by the bouncy devil cheep" "deep sea horse, so cute, but oh so deadly" "jumpy green frogs are bad for me" "lost my fuckin bike" "ring of power, fuck shit up" "where are my legs, have I turned into a mermaid now?" "face the fistman, time to get down" haha LOVE that game!!