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From: Tomi Kaunisto   (
Comments: Never really played many other tennis games to compare, but the fact that along years I've three times played this through AND grinded max stats says how much I enjoy this one.


From: BluBlaDe   (
Comments: I agree. This is way better than Wimbledon and this game has a left to right view instead of a up to down view. There's close shot of the player when he's about to serve and it has something like 20 playables characters maybe more to unlock. The best Tennis game of the SMS.


From: BluBlade   (
Comments: havnt plaued it but wimbledon ii was goofd

Rating: n/a

From: Rain   (
Comments: I have to say of all the tennis games i ever played this one was the best. (i only played sms tennis games though, 4 in total) i remember playing it with a mate doubles and it was great fun


From: BluBlaDe   (
Comments: Ladies and gentleman, Rick, the perfect cousin !

Rating: n/a

From: Rick   (
Comments: Cousins are great...One time at my cousin Mindy's birthday party, I pulled out my dork and slapped it up and down along the top of her birthday cake until some other people tackled me. I could hear her crying as they dragged me away. I wasn't sure if it was because I ruined her cake, or because she knew she was too young to have it up inside her.

Rating: n/a

From: Steve   (
Comments: When I was around 17 or so, my aunt and uncle and 13 year old (female) cousin came to visit as part of a larger family reunion that my parents had put together. My cousin and I had always gotten along okay, but we weren't particularly close due to the fact that we just didn't see each other very often. Anyway, as the only two people there (so far) even remotely close to our own ages, we ended up spending more time together during that couple of days than we probably had during our whole lives. There wasn't much to do; we played basketball and video games, but mostly watched television and carried on what, for teenagers, passes for conversation. It started out as pretty basic small talk, but after a few hours of learning next to nothing about one another, she abruptly started asking me rather personal questions like whether or not I had a girlfriend or whether I thought this or that tv star was hot. 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She glared at me as she seemed to be thinking it over; I don't know why I really wanted her to do it, it just seemed an obvious thing at the time. After a bit, she meekly said "okay" and picked up the tissues and dipped a fingertip into a glob of semen. She then darted the barely moistened tip of that finger into her mouth with a frown. "No, that's not much of a taste" I said, "see if you can get that on the floor, there." She scowled, but crouched down and, with her thumb and forefinger, managed to bring up nearly the entire white, viscous wad from the floor. She played with it a bit as it would first cling to her finger, then to her thumb before she worked up the courage to put the whole quivering blob into her mouth. She did, pushing it around with her tongue until she could swallow it as quickly as possible, glowering at me the whole time and almost gagging until it finally slid down her throat. "That was so gross!" she said, "I need some water, where's the bathroom?" I unlocked the door as I told her and she left, not talking to me again until the next day. I thought she was pissed that she felt I made her do that, but if she was, she got over it pretty quickly if the next few days were any indication.

Rating: n/a

From: Talwar   (
Comments: One of the best tennis games ever. Best tennis game on any 8-bit and 16-bit console.


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